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Dream Homes

Discover some absolutely stunning homes all over the world!

Seashell House in Mexico City, Mexico "Sky Pool" Embassy Gardens in London, England "Crooked House" in Windsor, UK Gold Pyramid House in Illinois, USA
Sliding House in Suffolk, England Cave House in Missouri, USA "Pickle-Barrel House" in Michigan, USA Toilet House in Suwon, South Korea
Creflo Dollar's Giant Mansion in Georgia, USA "Teapot Dome" House in Zilla, Washington State, USA Makeshift Walking House in China Rotating Platform House in Australia
Vertical House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Plane House in Abuja, Nigeria "Nine Ladies" treehouses in Stanton Lees, England Crocodile House in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Shipping Container House in Sydney, Australia Giant Wine Vat Houses in Spain Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania, USA Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic
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